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The Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has been an active participant with the community and its peace officers since 1999. Currently, the Association represents approximately 50 members in matters of collective bargaining, discipline, grievances, and community relations. We provide activities for our members and their families as well as serve as a vehicle for fundraising to donate to local charities and community members in need.
The Association also maintains an active profile within the local political arena to ensure that matters of law enforcement and employee rights are protected for all persons. A board of directors, led by current President John Drewrey, governs the Association and is committed to displaying the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and respect.

In Your Community

The Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is grateful to the Lake County community for their active involvement in partnering with us. The Association is in partnership with the community to make our county a better place to live, work, and vacation. Members of the Association are passionate about investing in the youth of Lake County, which is why we focus on giving back to many youth programs within our community.
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